About MyFundedFX

MyFundedFX is a noteworthy player in the US Forex Prop Firms industry, which is a competitive space teeming with opportunities for traders of varied experience levels. The company stands out for its commitment to providing a substantial platform for proprietary trading, offering up to $600,000 in live simulated funds. This allows traders to exercise their strategies and hone their skills without the immediate financial risks associated with personal capital investment.

A distinctive feature of MyFundedFX is the flexibility it offers in trading styles. With no maximum trading days, traders are afforded the luxury of progressing at their own pace, a significant plus for those who prefer not to be rushed by stringent timelines. Additionally, the absence of trading style restrictions is a testament to the firm's openness to various trading methodologies, which is particularly beneficial for traders who use diverse strategies and may feel constrained by more restrictive platforms.

The company's two-step challenge process is also worth noting, with the first step focusing on proving trading skills in a simulated environment, followed by a verification step that aims to establish consistency. Once traders successfully navigate these steps, they can earn up to an 80% split on net simulated gains generated. Remarkably, MyFundedFX offers a scaling plan that does not require additional qualifications, unlike some other firms. This scaling plan can potentially lead traders to manage accounts up to $1.5 million, which is an enticing prospect for anyone looking to grow in the trading industry.

For traders new to the platform, MyFundedFX provides a plethora of educational resources and tools to get started. The company’s YouTube video guides, for instance, are curated to enhance user experience and provide valuable insights into navigating the challenges and making the most out of the platform. The focus on continued learning and support is a significant benefit for traders who value professional growth and skill development.

Customer service and community engagement appear to be strong suits for MyFundedFX. Their active Discord community is a platform for traders to exchange ideas and experiences, creating a sense of camaraderie. Moreover, the company’s readiness to keep traders informed through newsletters and updates speaks to its commitment to transparency and open communication.

However, it's important to approach MyFundedFX with a clear understanding of the demo account nature of the challenges. While the simulated trading environment is designed to closely mimic real-world trading, it is still a test of skill rather than an immediate dive into the live markets. For some, this may be a stepping stone to real-world trading, while for others, it may serve as a valuable training ground without the risk of real capital loss.

In conclusion, MyFundedFX offers a robust platform for traders looking to leverage a prop firm's resources. With its trader-friendly policies, educational support, and potential for high simulated profit splits, it stands out as a firm where discipline, strategy, and skill can be rewarded. While it's essential to understand the simulated nature of the trading environment, for those looking to sharpen their trading acumen within a supportive community, MyFundedFX could very well be a fitting choice.

Products and Services

MyFundedFX offers a comprehensive simulated trading program that allows traders to showcase their skills and manage significant levels of simulated capital, with a focus on flexibility and trader empowerment through verification phases, live simulated accounts, and scaling plans without imposing restrictions on trading styles or strategies.

Trading Challenge

A demo account challenge to evaluate trading abilities and manage up to $600,000 in simulated funding.

Verification Phase

A verification step with a 5% simulated gain target to establish consistent trading performance.

Live Simulated Trader Account

An opportunity to trade on a simulated basis with MyFundedFX program, receiving up to an 80% split on all net simulated gains generated.

Scaling Plan

A feature allowing traders to continue trading without simulated gain targets and potentially get live sim accounts up to $1.5 million.


  • Offers large live simulated funds up to $600,000 for a wide range of assets.

  • Features a unique scaling system allowing account increases every three months.

  • Adopts a generous profit-sharing model with an 80:20 split favoring traders.


  • The need to achieve a total profit of 12% or more for account scaling may be challenging.

Getting Started

MyFundedFX's Evaluation Program allows you to manage up to $600,000 in live simulated funds. After signing up, you'll complete the Trading Challenge to demonstrate consistent trading proficiency. Successful traders receive up to 80% of profits and can scale their accounts. Get started by choosing a challenge on the MyFundedFX website, and if it's not the right fit, explore other services in our rankings.