About Maverick Trading

Maverick Trading stands out as a prop trading firm with a strong emphasis on trader education and development. Unlike some of its industry counterparts that may focus primarily on profit-sharing models or trading challenges, Maverick Trading positions itself as a nurturing ground for both novice and seasoned traders who are serious about building a career in the competitive forex trading market.

The firm's approach to trader development is commendable. By offering a rich collection of resources and focusing on risk management and personalized trading plans, Maverick Trading caters to individuals who aren't merely looking for a quick entry into the trading world but are invested in a long-term, sustainable trading career. Their dedication to supporting traders through continuous education and development resources is an aspect that sets them apart and signals their commitment to their traders' success.

Maverick Trading's partnership with Wall Street Bound, aimed at providing training and capital for a Diverse Trader Program, highlights its commitment to inclusivity and community building within the trading world. This strategic move not only broadens the reach of the firm but also demonstrates a proactive approach to fostering diversity in the trading industry.

However, it's important to consider that the firm operates on a profit split model, where traders keep a significant portion of the profits they earn. While this can be highly motivating and potentially lucrative, it also means that traders' earnings are directly tied to their trading performance, which may introduce a level of pressure and risk not suitable for everyone.

The prop trading firm's focus on risk management is a critical aspect for potential traders to consider. Maverick Trading's emphasis on this area suggests a culture of responsible trading practices, which is particularly important in the volatile forex market. For those looking to learn and grow within a structured risk management framework, this could be a significant draw.

One aspect that Maverick Trading could improve on, however, is transparency regarding the specifics of their profit-sharing ratios, initial deposit requirements, and the detailed structure of their educational programs. While they tout a strong educational foundation, potential traders might benefit from more upfront, detailed information about what to expect financially and educationally before committing.

In conclusion, Maverick Trading offers a promising platform for those looking to delve into forex trading with a supportive backing. Their focus on education, risk management, and trader development, combined with their dedication to diversity and community, makes them a distinctive choice in the US Forex Prop Firms industry. As with any trading firm, it's essential for potential traders to critically evaluate the firm's offerings against their personal trading goals and risk tolerance.

Products and Services

Maverick Trading offers a comprehensive proprietary trading program that empowers traders with the firm's capital, personalized education, and risk management strategies to develop their trading careers and retain a substantial portion of the profits.

Proprietary Trading

Maverick Trading offers proprietary trading opportunities, enabling traders to operate with the firm's capital and keep a significant percentage of the profits earned.

Trader Development Program

The company emphasizes education and development for traders, providing an extensive collection of resources and training to build a successful trading career.

Risk Management

Maverick Trading focuses on teaching and implementing risk management strategies, ensuring traders can maximize profits while minimizing potential losses.

Trading Plan Personalization

Traders are guided to create personalized trading plans, aligning with their individual goals and trading styles for better performance.


  • Provides traders with access to firm capital, potentially increasing to millions.

  • Offers a comprehensive continuing education program with over 300 pre-recorded videos.

  • Encourages personalized trading plans with a strong focus on risk management.


  • The selection process may seem extensive and potentially daunting to new traders.

Getting Started

Maverick Trading offers an opportunity to trade with firm capital, emphasizing education and risk management. After signing up, you'll go through their qualification program, which includes strategy courses and simulated trading. Demonstrate profitable trading, and you'll trade the firm's capital while keeping the majority of profits. To begin, apply on the Maverick Trading website and progress through their qualification program. If Maverick Trading doesn't resonate with you, check out other firms in our rankings.