About Smart Prop Trader

Smart Prop Trader has carved out its niche in the competitive landscape of US Forex Prop Firms, aiming to empower traders with an opportunity to maximize their trading potential through its comprehensive offering. The firm's model is straightforward – pass their evaluation process, and you're on your way to managing a virtual funded account, with the potential to keep a significant portion of the profits.

The evaluation process is designed to be fair and accommodating, offering unlimited virtual maximum trading days, which stands out in an industry where time restrictions can be a common hurdle. This flexibility means that traders can progress at their own pace, a feature that caters well to both the methodical trader who takes a measured approach and the swift trader eager to advance quickly.

Smart Prop Trader's inclusivity extends to trading styles and instruments, with no restrictions on holding positions over weekends or trading during macroeconomic news releases. This openness is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often imposes stringent rules, allowing traders the freedom to employ the strategies that work best for them.

Their scaling plan is another highlight, promising long-term relationships by offering traders a 25% increase in their virtual account balance every three months, provided they demonstrate consistent profitability. This approach not only incentivizes sustained performance but also fosters a growth-oriented mindset among traders.

The payout system is also worth noting, with a default 85:15 profit split that can go up to a remarkable 90:10 if certain conditions are met. In an industry where profit-sharing ratios can vary widely, Smart Prop Trader's offering is among the more generous, a point likely to catch the eye of profit-focused traders.

However, it's essential to note that while the virtual funded accounts offer a simulated environment with real market quotes, they are not live trading accounts. This distinction is crucial for traders to understand, as it may impact their expectations regarding the trading experience and the nature of the "funds" they are managing.

In terms of support, Smart Prop Trader seems to pride themselves on customer service, with numerous positive reviews highlighting the responsiveness and helpfulness of their support staff. This aspect is vital, as traders often rely on timely support to navigate the complexities of the Forex market.

On the downside, some traders have expressed dissatisfaction with aspects like slippage, signaling room for improvement in the execution realm. Potential clients should weigh this point against the overall benefits offered by the firm.

In summary, Smart Prop Trader presents a compelling proposition for Forex traders looking to leverage proprietary funds. Their trader-friendly policies, generous profit-sharing, and supportive environment are standout features. As with any prop trading firm, it's essential for interested parties to conduct thorough due diligence and ensure a clear understanding of the virtual nature of the accounts and the trading conditions. With a balanced approach, Smart Prop Trader could very well be the stepping stone many traders seek on their path to Forex market success.

Products and Services

Smart Prop Trader offers a comprehensive range of virtual trading accounts and challenges designed to cater to various trading styles and strategies, providing traders with opportunities for scaling, fair evaluations, and attractive profit-sharing models, all aimed at fostering long-term relationships and trader success in the forex and financial markets.

Smart Prop Trader Virtual Account

Offers virtual accounts with no restrictions on holding positions over the weekend or trading during macroeconomic news releases, scaling up to $2.5 million with up to a 90% profit split.

Smart Prop Trader Challenge

Features a challenge with unlimited trading days and no minimum trading days, providing a simple path to becoming a fully funded trader.

Fair Evaluation

Allows all trading styles and instruments, including forex, crypto, indices, and commodities, with a focus on fair and transparent evaluation of traders.

Scaling Plan

Provides a long-term business relationship opportunity with a scaling plan that increases the virtual account balance by 25% every 3 months, along with an increase in the maximum drawdown limit.


  • Allows traders to manage large sums, with accounts scalable up to $2.5 million.

  • Provides a generous 85% profit share and absorbs all losses, minimizing trader risk.

  • Supports a wide range of trading strategies, including the use of Expert Advisors.


  • Slippage issues have been noted by some clients, suggesting a need for platform optimization.

Getting Started

Smart Prop Trader provides a two-step evaluation process for traders, beginning with a challenge to reach a certain profit target. Upon registration, you'll trade in a simulated environment, and if successful, you'll move on to verification. Once verified, you become a funded trader, eligible for up to a 90% profit split. Start by signing up on the Smart Prop Trader website, select a challenge, and work towards becoming a funded trader. If you feel this may not be the best fit, our rankings offer more options to explore.