About The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader has carved out a distinct space for itself in the crowded arena of US Forex Prop Firms, offering a unique approach that appeals to a broad spectrum of traders, from rookies to the more experienced. What sets this company apart is its array of trading challenges and profit-sharing models, which are designed not just to test a trader's acumen but also to reward their success.

For those looking to amplify their trading potential, The Funded Trader's platform is a noteworthy option. Their evaluation process, which includes multiple phases and offers up to $600,000 in simulated trading accounts, provides traders with a real sense of the market's pulse. The structure is such that it incentivizes traders to adhere to a disciplined approach, a key trait for long-term success in trading.

One of the standout features of The Funded Trader is its flexibility. Traders can benefit from unlimited trading days to complete their challenges, which is a boon for those who prefer not to be rushed by stringent timelines. Moreover, the company does not impose restrictions on trading styles or instruments, which means that traders have the freedom to employ the strategies they're most confident in, whether that's swing trading, day trading, or another method.

The Funded Trader also offers a competitive edge with its drawdown plans and bonuses for challenge fees. Especially appealing is their "Royal Challenge," which lowers the profit target and allows the use of Expert Advisors (EAs), providing an added layer of strategy for tech-savvy traders.

However, it's important to note that while the company offers demo accounts with real market quotes, the trading is simulated. This can be a double-edged sword; on one hand, it provides a safe learning environment, but on the other, it may not fully replicate the pressure and risks of trading with real capital.

In terms of support, The Funded Trader aims to build a community around its traders, offering Discord channels for communication and learning. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and collective growth, which can be particularly valuable for remote traders seeking a sense of connection.

While the company's approach is commendable, potential traders should do their due diligence and understand all the terms involved. The prop trading industry is complex, and even with a supportive platform like The Funded Trader, success is never guaranteed. Yet, for those looking for a comprehensive platform that rewards skill and consistency, The Funded Trader offers a robust pathway to grow as a trader and potentially earn significant returns on simulated profits.

Products and Services

The Funded Trader offers a range of online simulated trading evaluation programs with various levels of capital allocation, featuring options for unlimited trading days, quick payouts, and the flexibility to use Expert Advisors and trade copiers, catering to both novice and experienced traders looking for a platform that provides a realistic trading environment with the potential for profit sharing.

Standard Challenge

A two-phased evaluation process with unlimited days to pass and the option to trade with Expert Advisors and trade copiers.

Royal Challenge

An evaluation program with unlimited trading days, a lower profit target of 8%, and the ability to use Expert Advisors without lot size limitations.

Rapid Challenge

A two-step evaluation program that allows for a quick payout within as little as 20 days, with no minimum trading days required.

Knight Challenge

A one-phase challenge with no minimum trading days, allowing the use of Expert Advisors and no lot size limits.


  • Offers a high potential profit share of up to 95% to traders.

  • Provides a selection of trading challenges suitable for different trader levels.

  • Incorporates a scaling plan to grow traders' accounts up to $1.5 million.


  • The strategy success in the challenge and verification phases may not translate to the funded phase due to market simulation.

Getting Started

The Funded Trader program kicks off with a selection of challenges, each tailored to different trading preferences. After signing up, traders choose a challenge and work to meet profit targets and adhere to trading rules. Upon completing the challenge, you'll proceed to verification and, if successful, become a funded trader with up to 95% profit sharing. Begin by selecting a challenge on The Funded Trader's website and work your way through their structured evaluation. If this service doesn't align with your goals, remember that our rankings feature a variety of companies.