About TradeDay

TradeDay presents itself as a noteworthy player in the bustling US Forex Prop Firms industry, offering a unique approach to proprietary trading with an emphasis on education, mentorship, and trader development. As a company that provides funded trading opportunities, TradeDay is particularly appealing to those who may not have significant capital to start trading but possess the skills to potentially succeed in the forex market.

The company's offering centers around a comprehensive evaluation process designed to assess a trader's ability to generate profits while adhering to risk management principles — a critical aspect of any trading strategy. This evaluation is not just a barrier to entry but an educational tool in itself, introducing traders to the discipline required in the high-stakes world of forex trading.

TradeDay's focus on education is evident through its member area, which is rich with resources including courses, daily meetings, live streams, and a dedicated trader development area. This commitment to continuous learning is a significant advantage for traders at all levels, as the forex market is dynamic and requires an ongoing understanding of global economic trends and events.

The trading platform offered by TradeDay is described as high-performance, stable, and accessible across various operating systems, which is crucial for real-time trading where every second counts. Additionally, the platform's integration with professional market data and research tools underscores the company's commitment to providing traders with the resources necessary to make informed decisions.

One of the standout features of TradeDay is its mentorship program. Having access to seasoned traders who have managed desks and mentored hundreds of traders offers invaluable insights and guidance. For many aspiring traders, the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals could make a significant difference in their trading outcomes.

When it comes to payouts, TradeDay's policy is clear and enticing, promising traders the opportunity to keep a significant portion of the profits they generate. The prospect of scaling up trading efforts and increasing capital through consistent profitability is a driving factor that could attract traders to the firm.

While TradeDay's evaluation process and trader development programs are robust, it's essential to acknowledge that trading is inherently risky, and success is never guaranteed. The company does well to remind potential traders of this reality, instilling a sense of responsibility and reinforcing the importance of risk management.

In conclusion, TradeDay positions itself as more than just a funding source for traders; it's a nurturing ground for those serious about building a career in forex trading. The blend of education, technology, and mentorship, paired with the promise of funded trading opportunities, makes TradeDay a compelling option for traders seeking to leverage the expertise and capital of a prop firm. However, as with any trading endeavor, potential clients are encouraged to consider their own goals and trading styles carefully before committing.

Products and Services

TradeDay offers a comprehensive trading experience with an evaluation program to gauge trader's skills, a virtual trading room equipped with live data and research, as well as extensive educational and mentoring support to help both novice and seasoned traders succeed in the competitive forex prop firm industry.

Evaluation Program

An assessment program designed to evaluate traders based on successful trading principles such as a profitable strategy, risk management, and discipline.

Virtual Trading Room

A platform that includes a simulated trading environment with live market data, institutional-grade research, and market commentary service.

Education and Mentoring

Courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, daily morning meetings, live streams, and a dedicated trader development area for continuous learning.

Trading Platforms

Stable and fast trading platforms that work across various operating systems and utilize real-time market data for effective trading.


  • Provides a rich educational environment with mentoring and community support.

  • Allows traders to retain the first $10K in profits and offers a 90% share thereafter.

  • Encourages a diverse range of trading strategies with minimal restrictions.


  • The emphasis on day trading may not align with the goals of long-term traders.

Getting Started

TradeDay invites you to join their platform by signing up for a 14-day free trial, offering an opportunity to experience their platform and resources without commitment. After the trial, if you decide to proceed, you'll enter their evaluation process, aiming to demonstrate profitability and risk management. Successful traders get funded and can keep the majority of their profits. To start with TradeDay, sign up on their website, take advantage of the free trial, and if you're ready, move on to the evaluation. If you're unsure, you can check out other services in our rankings.