About FX2 Funding

FX2 Funding positions itself as a competitive player in the bustling US Forex Prop Firms industry, which caters to traders looking to amplify their trading potential using the capital and infrastructure provided by established firms. With its promise of funded accounts of up to $200k and a profit share of up to 85%, FX2 Funding appeals to traders who are confident in their abilities and are seeking a partner that rewards performance.

One of the standout features of FX2 Funding is its streamlined one-step evaluation process. Unlike some of its peers that require a multi-phase evaluation, FX2 Funding simplifies the path to obtaining a funded account. This approach could be a double-edged sword; while it may expedite access to funding for skilled traders, it may also not filter out less consistent performers as effectively as a more rigorous multi-tiered system might. However, the firm's policy of refunding the evaluation fee upon the trader's first payout is a confidence booster and mitigates the initial cost barrier.

The company's no-time-limit policy for trading provides a flexible environment that accommodates various trading strategies and allows traders to progress at their own pace without the pressure of ticking clocks. This is particularly beneficial for traders who juggle trading with other commitments or prefer a more measured approach to reaching profitability.

Customer service seems to be a strong suit for FX2 Funding, with numerous positive Trustpilot reviews highlighting the firm's responsive support team. Quick payouts, another critical aspect for traders, are also part of the firm's offerings, resonating well with those who prioritize liquidity and timely access to their earnings.

For traders who value transparency and simplicity in rules, FX2 Funding delivers with clear-cut guidelines on drawdowns, profit targets, and leverage. The absence of restrictions on trading styles, including news trading and weekend holding, gives traders the liberty to deploy a wide range of strategies, from scalping to swing trading.

However, while the firm does allow various trading methods, the lack of a more comprehensive educational component might be a missed opportunity for some traders who value continuous learning and institutional-grade insights as part of their trading journey.

In summary, FX2 Funding presents a viable option for traders seeking a prop firm that offers rapid entry, a high-profit share, and a trader-first ethos. Its straightforward approach, coupled with supportive customer care, makes it an attractive choice for the self-assured trader. However, those seeking more structured educational support and a multi-phase evaluation as part of risk management might consider looking at other firms that cater to those preferences. As with any prop trading firm, potential clients should weigh the benefits against their individual goals and trading styles to determine if FX2 Funding aligns with their aspirations in the competitive world of forex trading.

Products and Services

FX2 Funding offers a comprehensive prop trading experience with a focus on flexibility and trader profitability, providing up to $200k in funded accounts, a simple one-step evaluation process, generous profit-sharing up to 85%, quick and regular payouts, a refundable evaluation fee, and dedicated support to accommodate various trading styles and strategies.

Funded Accounts

Access up to $200k funded accounts and keep up to 85% of the profits with the lowest cost one-stage evaluation and super-simple rules.

No Time Limits

Trade at your own pace with no restrictions on how quickly you must complete trading challenges and evaluations.

High-Profit Split

Collect up to 85% of the profits earned from trading, highlighting a generous profit-sharing model.

1-step Evaluation

Benefit from a fair and straightforward one-step evaluation process designed to help traders pass and access funding.


  • Promotes a trader-first philosophy with up to 85% profit share and quick payouts.

  • Simple and transparent one-stage evaluation process to access up to $200k funded accounts.

  • Offers a refund of the evaluation fee upon receiving the first payout, reducing financial barriers.


  • The requirement for a 6% drawdown to lock in profits could be restrictive for some trading strategies.

Getting Started

FX2 Funding starts you off with a simple one-stage evaluation process to assess your trading skills. Upon signing up, you'll receive a demo account with a refundable evaluation fee. Your goal is to hit the profit target while respecting the drawdown limits. Achieve this, and you'll be funded with up to $200,000 in virtual capital, keeping up to 85% of the profits. Quick payouts are also a highlight. To begin, visit FX2 Funding's website, choose your preferred funded account, and take on the challenge. If this doesn't seem like the right fit, there are more options in our rankings to consider.