About Topstep

Topstep offers a unique opportunity for both budding and experienced traders to enhance their skills and potentially earn from the futures trading market without the inherent risks of using their own capital. As a proprietary trading firm, Topstep understands the challenges that traders face and provides a simulated trading environment where discipline, strategy, and risk management are the cornerstones of success.

One of the standout features of Topstep is the Trading Combine®, an evaluation program that not only serves as a vetting process but also as a training ground. The program is designed to instill the best trading practices while assessing a trader's ability to generate profits. The fact that traders can choose from three different account sizes adds a level of customization to the program, allowing participants to select a level of challenge that aligns with their goals and experience.

The company's emphasis on education and continuous learning is evident through their extensive offering of resources such as TopstepTV™, which streams expert discussions and market analysis live, serving as a valuable learning tool for traders at all levels. Additionally, the provision of free coaching and a supportive trading community via Discord are important aspects that foster a sense of camaraderie and shared learning, which is often lacking in the remote trading world.

What sets Topstep apart in the US Forex Prop Firms industry is its transparent and fair profit-sharing model. Successful traders can keep up to 80% of the profits made using Topstep's capital, with the possibility of increasing their share to 90% through consistent performance. This profit structure is competitive and clearly laid out, which is crucial for traders who need to understand their potential earnings.

The company also guarantees payouts up to four times a month, which adds a layer of reliability and trust. The one-time activation fee per Express Funded Account, upon passing the Trading Combine®, is a small price to pay for access to Topstep's capital and resources, especially considering the potential returns on successful trades.

The risks associated with futures trading are not to be underestimated, and Topstep's approach to risk management is commendable. Traders are expected to adhere to strict rules that cap daily and overall losses, ensuring that they maintain a disciplined approach to trading. This not only protects Topstep's capital but also teaches traders the importance of setting boundaries to minimize financial risks.

While the services provided by Topstep are comprehensive, it's important to note that the Trading Combine® is a challenging program that requires dedication and a deep understanding of the markets. The evaluation pass rate of 25.51% between January and July 2023 highlights the difficulty level and the seriousness with which Topstep treats the qualification process. This may be daunting for beginners but serves as a testament to the company's commitment to fostering high-caliber trading talent.

In conclusion, Topstep offers a robust platform for traders to develop their skills and potentially earn from futures trading without upfront financial risks. The combination of educational resources, supportive community, transparent profit sharing, and strict risk management protocols positions Topstep as a distinguished player in the US Forex Prop Firms industry. Whether you're just starting out or looking to polish your trading strategies, Topstep provides the tools and support necessary to navigate the complex world of futures trading.

Products and Services

Topstep provides a comprehensive program for traders to develop their skills and trade with the company's capital, offering a profit-sharing model, educational resources, personalized coaching, and a supportive community, all aimed at fostering disciplined and profitable trading habits.

Trading Combine

A structured program designed to help traders build better skills, discipline, and habits, as they are evaluated for funding.

Funded Account

Traders can trade with Topstep's capital and keep a significant percentage of the profits, up to 4 times a month.

Educational Resources

Topstep offers a variety of educational tools, including courses, videos, and webinars to help traders improve their trading strategies and knowledge.

Coaching and Support

Traders have access to 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and a supportive community on Discord to help guide them towards consistent trading routines.


  • Established platform with a track record of funding over 14,727 accounts.

  • Generous trader payouts, having distributed over $16,000,000 since 2020.

  • Offers a variety of educational resources, including TopstepTV and a community-focused approach.


  • The trading combine fee and evaluation process could be a barrier to entry for some aspiring traders.

Getting Started

Topstep offers a unique program called the Trading Combine, where you demonstrate your trading skills and discipline through a two-step evaluation. After registration, you'll begin with a simulated account, adhering to specific rules and profit targets to pass the first step. Upon successful completion, you move to the second step with similar objectives. Once you've passed both steps, you gain access to a Funded Account, where you can earn payouts and trade with the firm's capital. Start your journey by applying on the Topstep website and diving into the Trading Combine. If Topstep doesn't match your needs, consider exploring other companies in our rankings.