About Integra Trade

Integra Trade has carved out its niche in the competitive landscape of US Forex Prop Firms by offering a distinctive service that caters to both remote and floor traders. For those who prefer the camaraderie and immediacy of a trading floor environment, Integra Trade provides a unique value proposition with its state-of-the-art trading floor in the financial district of Manhattan, NY. This feature sets it apart from many of its peers and appeals to traders who thrive in a bustling, collaborative environment.

The firm's commitment to technology is evident in its provision of two professional trading platforms: Sterling Trader Pro and Lightspeed. These platforms are known for their direct market access, fast order entry, and execution capabilities. The choice between them allows traders to select the interface that best suits their trading style and needs. For futures traders, the firm's flexibility extends to offering a range of platforms, with Rithmic Trader Pro being a firm favorite. This flexibility in platform choice is a considerable advantage for traders who are particular about their tools.

Integrity is a cornerstone of Integra Trade's philosophy. The company's emphasis on ethical business practices and building long-lasting relationships with its traders is a reassuring sign for those considering a partnership with the firm. The testimonials featured on the website, although anonymous, suggest a level of satisfaction with the firm's support and infrastructure.

For traders not based in the US or those who prefer to trade from the comfort of their homes, Integra Trade facilitates this with remote trading capabilities. This flexibility is crucial for attracting a diverse group of traders from various geographical locations, ensuring that talent is not restricted by physical boundaries.

The firm's requirement for a minimum deposit varies depending on the type of account and trading style, which provides clarity and caters to different levels of trader commitments. However, potential clients should note that the minimum deposit amounts are relatively high compared to some other firms in the industry, which could be a barrier for those with less capital at their disposal.

Customer service at Integra Trade appears to be a strong point, with dedicated technical support teams based in New York and personal concierge services for account managers. The availability of support from early morning until late evening is a significant benefit for traders who may need assistance during trading hours.

In conclusion, Integra Trade positions itself as a formidable player in the US Forex Prop Firms industry, particularly for traders who value a blend of traditional trading floor dynamics and modern remote trading facilities. While the entry cost might be steep for some, the firm's robust technological offerings, emphasis on integrity, and comprehensive support system make it a compelling choice for serious traders seeking to maximize their potential in the forex market.

Products and Services

Integra Trade offers a comprehensive proprietary trading environment for remote and on-site traders, providing access to professional platforms, capital, and education, with a focus on integrity and personalized support to empower traders in the competitive US Forex Prop Firms industry.

Proprietary Trading Account

Trade stocks, options, and futures using Integra Trade's proprietary account, which comes with professional trading platforms, trading capital, and support.

Remote Trading

Specializing in supporting remote traders, Integra Trade enables trading from anywhere with a stable internet connection using their provided platforms.

Trading Floor Environment

Provides the option to trade on a state-of-the-art trading floor located in Manhattan's financial district, or at one of the branch locations across the country.

Trader Education & Training

Join Integra Trade's trading team on their Virtual Trading Floor for trader education and training programs to enhance trading skills.


  • Offers robust trading platforms like Sterling Trader Pro and Lightspeed.

  • Provides a supportive trading floor environment for collaborative trading.

  • Caters to a global audience, including remote traders, with personalized support.


  • Requires a higher initial deposit for the T3 Global division, which might be inaccessible for some traders.

Getting Started

Integra Trade specializes in supporting remote traders with a choice of professional trading platforms and access to trading capital. After registration, you'll be able to trade stocks, options, and futures from home. Integra Trade ensures a supportive environment with dedicated technical support. To get started with Integra Trade, visit their website and explore the prop trading options available. Should you be looking for different services, our rankings provide additional choices.